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Bust the Establishment Fix on 11/8

The calls to vote straight ticket in the midterms need to be questioned. Who is calling for blind obedience that results in Establishment shills getting into office. And once they’re there, people feel betrayed and tricked by promises of change that never happen.

The CO Election Establishment Cabal

It’s 2022 and this piece written over a year ago rings more true than ever. The CO Election Cabal is solid as ever with GOP Establishment SecState candidate Pam Anderson gunning for office. My prediction based on this foundational piece is that if Anderson wins, we’ll have Matt Crane, the poster boy for Global Mobile, a mobile voting company as Anderson’s #2. Very bad for CO voters…

Colorado: The Election Fraud Test Kitchen

This article describes where all the election issues started in Colorado, and goes into why Colorado is at the heart of the mess the U.S. elections have become…

Thoughts of the Day

DYOR: Do Your Own Research when it comes to voting this election cycle. Alternative candidates deserve our thoughtful consideration.

Free, fair, and transparent elections are the only way to true self-governance.

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