The Real Scott Gessler

On Sunday, March 7th, I received a response to my “Colorado Establishment Election Cabal” article from former Secretary of State Scott Gessler, who is named in the article. Given the nature of his response,  I will not be responding directly to Mr. Gessler.  That said, I am publishing his un-redacted email which attempts to refuteContinue reading “The Real Scott Gessler”

The Colorado Election Establishment Cabal

Ever since HAVA injected billions into American elections, things have never been the same.  Overnight our elections turned into a multi-billion dollar industry.  Elections went from an essential civic event to a money-making opportunity in a high-stakes industry of wealth, power, and influence on a global scale.  The backbone of the election business is technology. Continue reading “The Colorado Election Establishment Cabal”

Gessler Interview Part 3

Thank you to for editing the interview transcription. This is the final segment of the Gessler Interview. Scott Gessler is running for the Colorado State GOP Chair position. Elections take place in March 2021. To help take over the CO GOP party, contact your county GOP Chair to be appointed to a Precinct CommitteeContinue reading “Gessler Interview Part 3”

Scott Gessler Interview Part 2

Gessler: The way the campaign finance law for now, in the Republican Party use the bully pulpit to support that. Absolutely. And if there’s consensus within the Republican Party to do that, I’m absolutely on board with it. HaA: Let’s move on to Dominion. We know Wayne Williams had brought in, basically forcing all ofContinue reading “Scott Gessler Interview Part 2”


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