Jimmy Crack Corn, the Masters’ CCCA

Guest Post written by Ret. Col. USAF Shawn Smith in response to Jimmy Sengenberger’s 9/28/21 opinion piece. Intro by HollyatAltitude.

Jimmy Sengenberger’s opinion piece commenting on Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ story around her backing up election records which she is legally bound to do – is another sign that the Colorado County Clerk’s Association (CCCA) is in full-throttle damage control. The private association is funded by fees paid to the organization by Colorado County Clerks, using tax payer dollars. It’s run by Executive Director Matt Crane, President Carly Koppes CCR of Weld County Colorado, and Vice President Justin Grantham CCR of Fremont County. The CCCA has a lot to lose as the realities of election fraud having taken place in Colorado during the 2020 election come to light. Clerk Peters’ case is the center of the entire election fraud operation imploding – meaning accountability is on the horizon for Sec State Griswold, her staffers, vendors, and as in our next investigative story will reveal, Matt Crane and the CCCA. As the election fraud raw-sewage is being dumped on all involved, it’s clear Tina Peters is avoiding any backsplash. She’s predicted to come out of Jimmy’s “hooplah” clean and fresh – a patriot hero who will go down in history as one of the good guys.

The question becomes, how do we know the CCCA is involved in the information war in CO aimed to deflect responsibility from all involved in election fraud? Jimmy’s only source for his op ed – OP ED is Chuck Broerman, the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder. Since last spring, Broerman has had several meetings with citizens, appeared alongside Matt Crane of the CCCA in meetings where military system security testing expert Shawn Smith has presented overwhelming analysis and evidence on election system vulnerabilities, and has gone on the record in several articles defending “Colorado is the gold standard” for elections. Crane himself has been the beneficiary of several hours long sessions with Smith; where face-to-face he was schooled on the vulnerability issues with electronic voting systems.

Faced with all this information, delivered by a top military expert who, during his service briefed the highest levels of the military on security issues associated with complex computerized defense systems including The Joint Chiefs of Staff, it’s hard to believe Crane didn’t take any of the truth about vulnerable election systems to heart. However, there is an explanation. Crane’s calcified position that electronic voting machines have no problems must track back – at least in part, to his wife. Lisa Flanagan-Crane has worked for Dominion for almost two decades. Crane’s wife worked alongside the notorious Eric Coomer who is on the record as saying he was going to ensure Trump was not going to win in 2020.

It would be remiss if we didn’t mention that for months, Crane maintained publicly that Dominion machines did not come off the Chinese (CCP) factory lines standard with wireless modems. At the Republican Study Club meeting in late spring, when confronted yet again by experts stating the objective truth Dominion machines were indeed equipped with wireless modems; in pure humiliation Crane had to publicly slug down a Big Gulp™ of election-fraud raw sewage. He admitted that yes, the Dominion machines did have wireless modems – BUT he claimed “they were turned off”. It’s surprising Crane didn’t try to sell the group on the idea that the drum of raw waste he just slugged down tasted like Tootsie Rolls.

Back to Broerman. The question remains, why is Broerman carrying the sludge bucket, championing the falsehoods of the CCCA? Does Broerman have designs on running for Sec State? Rumor has it he’s going for Treasurer in El Paso County. Does he need to stay relevant with the GOP elite donor class for his next run? Did the CCCA promise support if he used his position as a County Clerk and Recorder to carry the reeking sewage bucket with a smile? Or is this a continuation of the threat campaign that Broerman himself admitted this spring in a meeting with constituents? He claimed that the Attorney General Phil Weiser sent him a letter stating that if Broerman allowed citizens to fully audit El Paso County’s 2020 election records, paper ballots, and envelopes Broerman would be sued.

In conclusion, let’s wrap with Shawn Smith’s response to Jimmy’s op ed.

Jimmy Crack Corn, the Master’s CCCA

by Ret. Col. USAF Shawn Smith

In his defense, Jimmy Sengenberger has no earthly idea what the hell he’s talking about. That much is obvious a few lines into his latest cry for help, and it’s to be expected when you’re witnessing a puppet show. If you want to know why the puppet is dancing, you have to figure out whose hand is up the rear.

While nobody has time to solve the mystery of why Jimmy, who wouldn’t know a “trusted build” from a trumpet bell, saw fit to enquote “Gerald Wood” or “non-employee consultant,” as if those are somehow questionable, novel terms, nor why he thought it important to mention that District Attorney Rubenstein and Chuck Broerman are Republicans (if you say so…), we can read. And that much sets us apart from poor Jimmy.

For example, his definition of “trusted build” looks a lot like the children’s version that we’ve heard from the SecState and the Colorado County Clerk’s Association (CCCA). Unlike Clerk Peters, Jimmy (and, let’s face it, the SecState) hasn’t read the SecState’s Election Rules (8 CCR 1505-1), so he doesn’t know that the “trusted build” is the both the process of modifying the voting system software and the write-once installation disk or disks that ensure chain-of-custody from a tested version to a certified version to an installed version.

More importantly, Jimmy doesn’t know that nothing in the trusted build rules requires the destruction of the operating system log files mandated by the 2002 Voting System Standards and, therefore, by Colorado law. In fact, quite the opposite: both Federal and Colorado law require the preservation of those operating system log files, especially on voting systems using “Commercial Off the Shelf” computers. Even if the vendor or the SecState wanted to unnecessarily install a completely clean build, they could simply use a brand new hard drive, rather than overwriting the old one with all the Federally- and State-mandated audit-critical system log files. Hundreds of millions of dollars for these voting systems, but we need to save $50 by overwriting audit-critical files on the hard drives?

Jimmy inexplicably fixates on the word “suspected,” in his article, theorizing (ok, “regurgitating”) that “Peters should already understand the process of trusted builds,” since they’ve happened “twice during her tenure” (2019 and 2021). But Jimmy’s puppet-speak conveniently ignores not only that 100% of the misleading guidance Peters and other clerks received from the SecState’s office would make Peters an unwitting accomplice to the SecState’s illegal destruction of election records, but that Peters listened to actual experts and did her duty while her peers apparently kept their heads in the sand. Of the 64 riders at her second rodeo, to use Jimmy’s malappropriated faux-folksyism, only Clerk Peters appears to have held on for 8 seconds. She deserves the buckle the CCCA has been awarding itself.

Ruh-roh. That’s the real problem that brought the hand that feeds back behind Jimmy: 60+ other nervous clerks and their Bishop of Fraud at the CCCA just realized that, not only hasn’t the SecState ever asked them, or told them how, or provided resources, to image their systems to preserve all the required records, but they’ve never done it on their own. This paragon of integrity and election expertise at the CCCA claims “the deletion of material in the trusted build is by design…as with a personal computer.” Well, that about covers criminal intent. We can’t wait for the apologia that explains how a voting system subject to 280+ pages of Federal standards mandated by State law, for which the destruction of records is a Federal felony, and upon which the fate of our State and republic depend, is like “a personal computer.” Maybe the Bishop really thinks these are his personal computers? Worse yet, many of those clerks were forewarned by some of the same vigilant citizens that warned Clerk Peters.

But wait! Jimmy said “this just isn’t so.” Well, I guess that settles it; the intellectual eunuch who called for Clerk Peters’ resignation back in August on the basis of unproven, uninvestigated allegations, has now declared Peters “disingenuous” because….wait for it….El Paso County Clerk Chuck Broerman TOLD him so. “He told me!!” Why would Jimmy start reading original sources, now, I guess? Thirteen-rodeo Chuck, obediently following the SecState’s felonious guidance and destroying operating system log files for all 13, in violation of Federal and State law and the state-mandated 2002 Voting System Standards, is Jimmy’s source for expertise. Broerman, who doesn’t know the difference between a risk-limiting audit (a sobriquet which gives “trusted build” a run for its money) and a forensic audit. Broerman, who’s responsible for the integrity of El Paso County elections, but didn’t know his voting systems had wireless modems in them. What are the chances he made sure they were turned off? Jimmy Crack Corn!

Jimmy’s opus sans compréhension on preservation of election records wraps up with a painfully ignorant dissertation on election project files. Jimmy, who hasn’t apparently read the U.S. Department of Justice’s Federal Law Constraints on Post-Election Audits and its broad definition of digital election records, along with everything else he hasn’t read, simply takes Broerman’s and the Bishop of Fraud’s nonsense as gospel. If you could get a puppet to read, he might notice that the definition of “Election Records” at CRS 1-1-104 says “…includes…” and never mentions “election project files.” Even better, Federal law in the matter trumps state law. But never mind: Broerman told him. And people say journalism is dead.

Credit where it’s due, even if it’s just a stopped clock – Jimmy got one thing right: Colorado voters deserve the truth. They won’t be getting that from Jimmy or his sources, and We the People have figured that out.

6 thoughts on “Jimmy Crack Corn, the Masters’ CCCA

  1. Oh this is brilliant… This is soooo good. I asked Chuck Broerman for a comparrison. Before the “trusted build” and after… He said we weren’t allowed to see that. Thieves. Cheats. Treasonous bastids!


  2. Great article. So refreshing to finally get some truth on this.

    I do have one question. Is the Republican Study Club the same as The Republican Study Committee? I can not find any reference to the Republican Study Club.


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