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Elias and Soros Fund CO Newsline. Young’s Hit Job Falsely Accuses Vet of Violence

The hit piece penned by Quentin Young raises serious questions. Was the paid propaganda attack on Col. Shawn Smith USAF (ret.) requested by Griswold or her legal handlers and carried out by Young? Smith’s months-long work has exposed alleged crimes by SecState that are now required by law to be investigated. Is the press smearContinue reading “Elias and Soros Fund CO Newsline. Young’s Hit Job Falsely Accuses Vet of Violence”

Never Trust a Clown

This article is a follow-on to the Only We Can Audit Ourselves published on 6/22/2021 Colorado voters are engaged and watching SecState Griswold plus County Clerk and Recorders (CCRs) across the state when it comes to election records, and rule changes. In fact, this is not a recent development. Starting in late May 2021 citizenContinue reading “Never Trust a Clown”

Only We Can Audit Ourselves

The forensic audit in Maricopa County, Arizona poured fuel on the prairie fire of legislators and concerned citizens who are still asking questions, wondering what happened in their states, and looking to find the truth about the 2020 elections. The fact that AZ is doing the first audit of its kind in the nation hasContinue reading “Only We Can Audit Ourselves”


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