Raise a Little Hell!

Ah, yes, today’s theme song, the rockin’ classic by, Trouper! I highly recommend listening to it while reading this piece. It’s time to raise a little hell about election certifications. Counties and states are pushing to certify results to avoid fair, legal and necessary oversight.

The big fight in the U.S. right now is about certifying county and by extension state election results.  It boils down to fighting the certification of false results. The reason certification is such a big deal is for two reasons.  First up until certification happens, there are many legal avenues for challenging the election results, for example audits and recounts.  Once a certification happens, those legal options are all but wiped out.  Second, are the triggers county certification sets-off in order for the state to certify the statewide election results, which sends electors to the electoral college which ultimately decides the election.

To tie this to the national conversation, the fights in Wayne County, Michigan, and Maricopa, County Arizona, in several counties in Pennsylvania is these county election results are being disputed based on incredible levels of election fraud.  If these counties do not certify, which means the state can’t certify, the decision of selecting the state electors legally moves to the state representatives.  The representatives of each district come together to decide which electors (Dem or Republican) represent the votes in The Electoral College.  

It’s a very smart legal process that our Forefathers added to the constitution in anticipation of local and state elections being disputed. Think of it this way, if there were no other ways to settle these disputes, the argument for electing The President could go on indefinitely. 

How Does This Apply to Counties – Including BoCo?

Speaking as a first-hand witness and learning the local election process, there were many issues that arose during the election that raised flags.  For example, election process rule-changes mid-way through the election process, limiting or eliminating access for Republican representation in the process.  In some of these cases this bi-partisan access is required by law.  There was electioneering, processing overseas military votes, and real issues with ballot signature verification in BoCo.  Now, as we’re all learning, voting machines across the country are being proven compromised, creating impossible statistics which leads to proving election fraud.  Boulder County uses the same voting machines (Dominion) that have caused issues across the U.S. 

Most counties and states used voting machines this election. Turns out the model of the voting machine may not be a factor, and election rigging software can be loaded into any voting machine. More on that starts here.

Boulder County Close to Certifying Results

Boulder County is rushing to push their certification through like many counties across the U.S.  They want to avoid any scrutiny on their normal process, especially because in past elections infractions were made public.  As a part of the normal BoCo election certification process, they conduct what is known as an RLA. 

What is an RLA?

Boulder County Elections is the home of the nationally recognized Risk Limiting Audit (RLA). In layman’s terms, this audit limits the risk that vote counting software tallied the votes incorrectly. It only audits the tally of votes off the ballots selected for counting and scanning. It does not audit any ballots or other steps in the elections process. 

For more information about the Risk Limiting Audit:

Dougherty county, Georgia conduct of the RLA during  the 2020 General Election

Boulder County Risk Limiting Audit Project

Secretary of State Risk Limiting Audit FAQ’s

How is the RLA Conducted?

Essentially, several hundred ballot tracking numbers are randomly selected by the Secretary of State. Staff and/or audit board members unseal secured ballot boxes and find/pull those specific ballots. Audit board members then conduct a hand count of the votes on those ballots and that tally is compared to the count of those specific ballots completed by the Dominion voting machines. Historically, if there is one single vote or error, and the entire audit must be repeated with a new set of ballots.

July 2020 RLA: “generally meaningless”

The RLA for the State Primary occurred in July 2020. The process changed. Canvass, (the group of people involved in the audit and certification) was initially required to observe the process from 16-48 feet away with no in-person election watcher access, only a silent video of the large audit room (due to SARS2 Covid-19 rules).  Some Democrat audit board members watched parts of the process online using cameras set up in the audit room.  Cameras had no sound, and the position of the cameras was static, so there was no way to change the viewpoints to see any better.  One board member described it as, “very glitchy and generally meaningless.”  The result was a failed first-round RLA which led to a second audit.  Given the cameras and remote viewing was a failure, successful advocacy changed the rules for this election to provide Canvass and watchers meaningful access for observation – supposedly.  

Boulder County Changes the Rules On-The-Fly, AGAIN.

Remember I mentioned BoCo was rushing to certify election results?  They’re moving like a Tesla in ludicrous mode right now, and so are other counties. Here’s what’s happening in BoCo which may be recognizable in other counties:

  1. The date of the RLA was fast-tracked, and the folks involved in the process were given almost no warning on the schedule change.
  2. The County Clerk decided to go back to the shady and ineffective camera remote viewing option for livestream observation, meaning there is no in-person viewing of the process, despite there being no law prohibiting in-person viewing.  One audit board member aptly pointed out, if TJ Maxx is open, why can’t we see what’s going on in person? 
  3. The county is not providing any equipment for remote viewing and suggests auditors should use their smartphonesSmartphones
  4. And, another “adaptation” – these audits are supposed to be with a bi-partisan pair of officials working together side-by side to conduct the audit.  Boulder County suggests in this audit, the team should watch the live-stream separately, but get on a conference call to discuss their official business.  Seriously? 

It seems that Covid is the justification to change or ditch all rules and flout the law when it comes to this election.  While it’s real, and nobody wants to get sick, eliminating transparency which ensures a fair election is sicker.  

Here’s What You Can Do.  

And, it needs to be done now because as I mentioned, BoCo and many other counties are pushing to get this wrapped-up pronto. They definitely want to avoid any Dominion scrutiny.  

The call to action is to stop county officials from certifying their election results.

Express your thoughts!  Question why is access being limited to viewing the auditing process? In Boulder County, they tried the remote viewing earlier, and it failed miserably

Don’t stand for the “it’s Covid” excuse. There are no laws in place that say because of Covid, granting legal and meaningful access to the election process can be stopped. Anticipate that people will try to snow you. There are other ways to conduct the business of elections fairly and in person.  They can do better.  You know it, and they know it. 

Ask what they plan on doing about auditing the Dominion or other electronic voting systems given all the issues that are happening across the country.

Tell them you don’t want this election to be certified until there’s meaningful in-person bi-partisan viewing access and transparency.  

Call your County Clerk (or equivalent) In Boulder County it’s , Molly Fitzpatrick (303) 413-7700. Your request: Boulder County should not certify election results until you are satisfied there has been a fair election process including auditing voting machines.

Update: Jefferson County Republicans just announced they’re not certifying election results due to questions about Dominion Software. Thanks to a small group of dedicated election integrity advocates!

Call your Secretary of State: Full list of Secretary of State’s Phone numbers. In Colorado, it’s Jenna Griswold (303) 894-2200  The headline: the state should not certify the election results.

They need our voices and our support. The CO GOP, National GOP, independent lawyers, and the Trump Campaign are working on this behind the scenes. 

For more on election fraud and what’s happening in the media try this. – of course, after you make a few calls.

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