Gessler Interview Part 3

Thank you to for editing the interview transcription. This is the final segment of the Gessler Interview. Scott Gessler is running for the Colorado State GOP Chair position. Elections take place in March 2021. To help take over the CO GOP party, contact your county GOP Chair to be appointed to a Precinct CommitteeContinue reading “Gessler Interview Part 3”

Scott Gessler Interview Part 2

Gessler: The way the campaign finance law for now, in the Republican Party use the bully pulpit to support that. Absolutely. And if there’s consensus within the Republican Party to do that, I’m absolutely on board with it. HaA: Let’s move on to Dominion. We know Wayne Williams had brought in, basically forcing all ofContinue reading “Scott Gessler Interview Part 2”

Scott Gessler Interview

Scott Gessler is running for Colorado State GOP Chairman. This interview is part one in a series. The initial interview was nearly two hours long. Colorado is in the midst of elections for State GOP Chair, Vice, Secretary and County Chair positions.  Given the fact that 80% of GOP voters (based on national extrapolation ofContinue reading “Scott Gessler Interview”

Overhauling the Colorado GOP: The Time is Now

The overwhelming feeling about the GOP and by extension the RNC post election is disdain. It’s not that the GOP party is so bad, it’s that it’s infested by the establishment Republicans, RINOs if you will. These are the people who are in politics for themselves, not the country. They’re the ones that say allContinue reading “Overhauling the Colorado GOP: The Time is Now”

Colorado: The Election Fraud Test Kitchen

The 2020 election was hardly a shining example of how to run free and fair elections.  The sheer number of court cases disputing everything from electoral procedures, illegal law changes, relaxing regulations, to outright fraud should be a signal to every American regardless of election results.  Given the scale, variety, and patterns of election irregularities,Continue reading “Colorado: The Election Fraud Test Kitchen”

Fighting Big Tech Using New Tech

Within the past few months, big tech has reached way beyond what we’ve ever seen in terms of censorship in the United States. It’s disturbing to the point of horrifying for the “hardcore” free speechers so much so that even casual observers of all stripes have been stirred by big tech’s behavior. Because any violationContinue reading “Fighting Big Tech Using New Tech”

Raise a Little Hell!

Ah, yes, today’s theme song, the rockin’ classic by, Trouper! I highly recommend listening to it while reading this piece. It’s time to raise a little hell about election certifications. Counties and states are pushing to certify results to avoid fair, legal and necessary oversight. The big fight in the U.S. right now is aboutContinue reading “Raise a Little Hell!”

Verizon Censors Your Text Messages

Last night I tried to share a link via text to a friend. One-to-one communication. In the message was only a url to my latest blog post about election meddling. The last part of a url address is called a “slug”. Usually those are your keywords that help with search engine indexing. The example: reading “Verizon Censors Your Text Messages”

The Election Cartel: Operation Steal 2020

Part one in a series of articles that tells the story behind the 2020 election fraud. Having been a part of the 2020 election as an election judge and a poll watcher, all the cases of fraud that are coming forward are no surprise.  To grasp the election system, it doesn’t take much.  A littleContinue reading “The Election Cartel: Operation Steal 2020”