Bust the Establishment Fix on 11/8

If it is not obvious by this point, let me be clear: Anyone still believing that the 2022 midterm elections are a fight between Republicans and Democrats, Red vs Blue, or any other version of the “two parties” going head-to-head has completely lost the plot. The battle at the ballot box is between the peopleContinue reading “Bust the Establishment Fix on 11/8”

Elias and Soros Fund CO Newsline. Young’s Hit Job Falsely Accuses Vet of Violence

The hit piece penned by Quentin Young raises serious questions. Was the paid propaganda attack on Col. Shawn Smith USAF (ret.) requested by Griswold or her legal handlers and carried out by Young? Smith’s months-long work has exposed alleged crimes by SecState that are now required by law to be investigated. Is the press smearContinue reading “Elias and Soros Fund CO Newsline. Young’s Hit Job Falsely Accuses Vet of Violence”

Jimmy Crack Corn, the Masters’ CCCA

Guest Post written by Ret. Col. USAF Shawn Smith in response to Jimmy Sengenberger’s 9/28/21 opinion piece. Intro by HollyatAltitude. Jimmy Sengenberger’s opinion piece commenting on Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ story around her backing up election records which she is legally bound to do – is another sign that the Colorado County Clerk’s AssociationContinue reading “Jimmy Crack Corn, the Masters’ CCCA”

Never Trust a Clown

This article is a follow-on to the Only We Can Audit Ourselves published on 6/22/2021 Colorado voters are engaged and watching SecState Griswold plus County Clerk and Recorders (CCRs) across the state when it comes to election records, and rule changes. In fact, this is not a recent development. Starting in late May 2021 citizenContinue reading “Never Trust a Clown”

Only We Can Audit Ourselves

The forensic audit in Maricopa County, Arizona poured fuel on the prairie fire of legislators and concerned citizens who are still asking questions, wondering what happened in their states, and looking to find the truth about the 2020 elections. The fact that AZ is doing the first audit of its kind in the nation hasContinue reading “Only We Can Audit Ourselves”

The Real Scott Gessler

On Sunday, March 7th, I received a response to my “Colorado Establishment Election Cabal” article from former Secretary of State Scott Gessler, who is named in the article. Given the nature of his response,  I will not be responding directly to Mr. Gessler.  That said, I am publishing his un-redacted email which attempts to refuteContinue reading “The Real Scott Gessler”

The Colorado Election Establishment Cabal

Ever since HAVA injected billions into American elections, things have never been the same. Overnight our elections turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. Elections went from an essential civic event to a money-making opportunity in a high-stakes industry of wealth, power, and influence on a global scale. The backbone of the election business is technology.Continue reading “The Colorado Election Establishment Cabal”

Gessler Interview Part 3

Thank you to AsheinAmerica.com for editing the interview transcription. This is the final segment of the Gessler Interview. Scott Gessler is running for the Colorado State GOP Chair position. Elections take place in March 2021. To help take over the CO GOP party, contact your county GOP Chair to be appointed to a Precinct CommitteeContinue reading “Gessler Interview Part 3”

Scott Gessler Interview Part 2

Gessler: The way the campaign finance law for now, in the Republican Party use the bully pulpit to support that. Absolutely. And if there’s consensus within the Republican Party to do that, I’m absolutely on board with it. HaA: Let’s move on to Dominion. We know Wayne Williams had brought in, basically forcing all ofContinue reading “Scott Gessler Interview Part 2”

Scott Gessler Interview

Scott Gessler is running for Colorado State GOP Chairman. This interview is part one in a series. The initial interview was nearly two hours long. Colorado is in the midst of elections for State GOP Chair, Vice, Secretary and County Chair positions.  Given the fact that 80% of GOP voters (based on national extrapolation ofContinue reading “Scott Gessler Interview”